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Navy Blue Energy

Water requires Energy for Pumping, chemicals for treating, personnel’s for managing process, so whenever its inefficient use occurs, the society has more cost to share & less availability of such a precious resource.

Water audit services to come out and help you compare your water usage with what you’re actually being charged for. Water audit act as an instrument to identify areas of higher specific water use, Water quality, Water leakage and determine techniques for mitigation through the application of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) principle.

Navy Blue Energy professional Audit service helps water utilities reduce wastage of water, optimised operational costs, and improve efficiency across the distribution network. Navy Blue Energy it’s not just about saving money by a water audit. It also help you boost your green credentials substantially.


• Water Bill Analysis

• Input and Output Balance

• Flow Analysis

• Leakage Detection

• Water Quality for supply and drainage

• Water pump Analysis

Navy Blue Energy